IV Sedation

Intravenous Sedation for Dental Anxiety in Leesburg

solve dental anxiety with a Leesburg dentist near Purcellville

Patients who suffer from dental anxiety can still get the treatment they need. At Cochran Family Dental, we offer meaningful sedation dentistry options for our patients in the Leesburg area. Patients who have undergone a sedation dentistry procedure feel calm and relaxed during their appointments. Sedation dentistry relieves stress and anxiety and can make a visit to the dentist more enjoyable.

What is IV Sedation?

Intravenous sedation is a sedation dentistry service that is administered intravenously before your appointment. Prior to your procedure, your sedation dentist will give you the sedation medication using an IV. Once the effects of the IV sedation have started to set in, and you feel completely comfortable and relaxed, Dr. Cochran will begin your appointment. After your appointment is complete, you will be driven home by a friend or loved one, and the effects of the sedation will wear off, leaving you with only a positive dentist experience.

intravenous sedation with an Ashburn dentist near Purcellville

Patients choose IV sedation because it relieves their anxiety and contributes to a relaxing and calm dental environment. IV sedation reduces sensitivity and makes procedures more comfortable. Dr. Cochran is often able to get more work done in less appointments when patients participate in IV sedation, because IV sedation patients are calmer and easier to work with. IV sedation is safe, convenient, and effective.

At our practice, comfortable patient care is our top priority. We have created a relaxing environment in our dental office and strive to make each patient feel at home. With sedation dentistry services like IV sedation, we can provide meaningful dentistry services to patients who regularly avoid the dentist due to dental anxiety.

To find out more about intravenous sedation, and to schedule an appointment, contact us at our office in Leesburg. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, or to arrange a consultation for you with Dr. Cochran. If you are searching for an Ashburn or Leesburg dentist to help with your dental anxiety, Dr. Cochran would love to meet with you!






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